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The Ultimate Guide to Professional Water Damage Restoration

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

The Ultimate Guide to Professional Water Damage Restoration

There are very few things that are more shocking than getting home and discovering that your home has suffered water damage. Regardless of the cause of the water damage, you can be sure that when the damage is left for too long without being addressed, your losses will increase and the structural integrity of the building will get compromised further. It is therefore important to call a restoration company as soon as you discover that you have a flooded home or water in the business premises. Naturally, if you suspect the damage is caused by a pipe break or a supply line break, you should switch off the water at the meter or at street level. Below are some tips that will be of great help during water cleanup and damage mitigation.

Getting help with flood damage mitigation and restoration

The biggest mistake that you can make as a homeowner is to imagine that you can handle the process of water cleanup, drying, mitigation and restoration on your own. You will most likely leave some places with moisture, which could lead to the growth of mold. You will also be putting your life and the lives of anyone else that will be assisting you at a significant risk, especially if you have a flooded home, or the water in the home is category two or three. Flood damage also brings about complications such as silt and grit in the home, which needs a specialist to cleanup.

The water cleanup, mitigation,and restoration process

There is a procedure that is followed by the damage restoration company when dealing with water damage and flood damage. The first thing they do when they get to the scene is ensuring that all the power lines are switched off and that there is no risk of electrocution. They will then try and pinpoint the cause of the damage, in case the cause is not a storm water or flooding. If there is a pipe break or a supply line break, the water will be switched off to stop further flooding. They will then access the flooded home and find out the extent and depth of water in the home. If there is any furniture or appliances submerged in the water in the home, they will be taken out of the house.

The next step after dealing with the pipe break and supply line break will be water cleanup. Suction pumps are used for water extraction. When the water cleanup is complete, the restoration company will use detergents to clean the place to remove any dirt, grime and other contamination that could get stuck and form permanent stains on the floors or the walls. The drying process follows the cleanup. The restoration experts understand that any moisture left in the home could lead to the weakening of the structures, rotting and mold damage. They have special drying agents to prevent moisture accumulation.

After the water cleanup and the drying, the restoration company will start the process of restoring the house back to the state it was in before the flood damage or water in business damage. The activities which are part of the process include repainting the walls, remodeling and replacing any structures that got ruined by water damage in the flooded home. In case there was a pipe break or supply line break, the experts will get a plumber to repair or replace it.

When looking for a company to handle the process for you, it is important to make sure that you choose a qualified water in business restoration company. Start by looking for companies close to you as they will respond fastest to your emergency call. Discuss with them issues such as the length of time it will take to complete the process, the cost of the process and the specific services which they offer when dealing with water in the home or water in the business.
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Five Steps in the Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup Process

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Five Steps in the Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup Process

Any commercial building that has any type of cleaning or supply room on-site is susceptible to a utility room fire. The most common reason why a fire of this type starts is because someone overloaded the outlet. Using too many appliances or devices in the same outlet can lead to an electrical fire, even if uses hook up a surge protector. The last firefighter who leaves the scene on the fire truck will make it clear that the building is safe to enter. That is when fire damage professionals will start the process of cleaning up the commercial fire damage.

Removing Fire Suppression Materials

One of the first things that fire damage workers do is remove any materials left behind by the fire sprinkler system or the fire suppression methods that others used. Some fire suppression methods involve the use of a material that leaves a thick white residue on any surface it touches. While wearing masks to protect themselves, the workers will clean that residue off all surfaces and ensure that it did not get into the vents or HVAC system.

Drying and Removing Water

The same fire hose that a firefighter used to help put out a fire while working with a fire truck can leave behind large pools of water. This standing water leaves the building susceptible to bugs like mosquitoes that the water attracts and to wild animals that might need a water source. Any water left behind by a fire hose or a fire sprinkler system can also cause a mold problem to break out. In addition to drying the building, fire damage companies will also use pumps to pump as much water as possible out of that building.

Cleaning Soot Damage

Soot damage is one of the first things that people think of when they hear the term fire damage. The term soot refers to the thick black streaks that form on the building as the fire moves or spreads. If the building suffered an electrical fire, there might be some dark marks that are thicker around the outlet where the fire started and lighter in other areas of the building. Proper soot damage removal requires the use of tools and cleaning supplies that remove the soot from those surfaces without the soot spreading.

Removing Odors Caused by Smoke Damage

Smoke damage can refer to the smoky odors caused by a utility room fire and the musty smell that lingers because of the fire hose that the firefighter used. That musty smell can also relate to the fire suppression method used by the fire truck after a utility room fire. Many people do not realize the sheer amount of water that a fire truck pumps out. That water can attract mold spores that burrow deep in the walls and floors. As the mold grows, it produces a thick and musty smell. Fire damage experts and fire restoration professionals will remove mold and protect the building from those spores.

An electrical fire can start in the middle of the night when there is no one in the building, but another type like a utility room fire can start when the building is full of both workers and customers. While a fire sprinkler system and other fire suppression methods can put the fire out, most owners will still need some fire restoration help to deal with the commercial fire damage left behind.

Soot damage can appear on nearly every wall and surface in the building, and soot damage can go even deeper. That smoke damage can leave behind a musty smell caused by the combination of the fire sprinkler system and the fire truck that brought a firefighter team there. The fire suppression method and fire hose used in putting out the flames can cause even more commercial fire damage. With fire restoration help, owners can take care of any fire restoration work needed to treat smoke damage after a utility room fire or an electrical fire. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Storm Damage Repair Tips

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Storm Damage Repair Tips

If you have been watching the news lately, you must have come across the hurricane damage that is affecting certain parts of the country. You may be wondering the water restoration and home restoration steps the people affected by the storm damage and ice damage are going to follow. You could also be amongst those who are affected by the hurricane damage or are in an area projected to suffer storm damage and flooding in the coming weeks or months. In both cases, it is important that you know how you can carry out storm damage restoration as well as storm remediation. to prevent against flooding. There are various storm restoration and home restoration tips that you can find useful. You will note that a flood pump is an essential tool to have for storm restoration.

Roof damage

Before flooding occurs, there is often roof damage in the house caused by ice damming or other factors. An ice dam is when frozen water accumulates in a place. Since an ice dam is heavy, it can lead to breakages on the roof. The strong winds can blow debris around causing roof damage. A roof leak caused by ice damage increases the chances of flooding since there are more avenues for water to come in. Storm remediation. requires that you check your roof for weak spots and strengthen it. However, should the storm damage occur, roof repair needs to be among the first steps of water restoration taken. Identify the roof leak and find ways of trapping or redirecting the flood water so that it does not accumulate and cause more flood damage. Roof damage can be identified by a visible roof leak or water stains on walls and ceiling. The wind damage and ice damage can occasion a tree to fall on your house causing roof damage. In these cases, once the storm subsides, you should check the damage caused by the roof leak and begin roof repair immediately. Sometimes, though, the roof repair process may be complicated hence necessitating professionals to come in. Be sure to call experts with extensive roof repair experience.

River flooding

If you live close to a river, you should be prepared for river flooding. This means taking storm remediation. steps early in order to prevent flood water from getting into your home. You can build barriers with sacks of sand to act as a fence against flood water. You can also dig drainage trenches around your home to direct the flood water away. Such storm remediation. steps can help to lower your river flooding insurance premiums. They can also lower the costs of home restoration. You should also know that with the river flooding, some of the reptiles such as alligators may be displaced from their natural habitat. In this case, ensure you have an impenetrable fence.

Ground water

The river flooding may contribute to the rising of ground water. If the soil cannot absorb enough, the ground water begins to swell around the home. If there are openings, it will get in and destroy furniture and other appliances. If you put enough defenses, the ground water may not rise to an extent that it is a threat to your home. However, in case of severe hurricane damage, the ground water may breach the defenses and enter the house. You should use a flood pump to remove as much of it from the house as you can. A flood pump is specialized to have enough power to remove the water at a faster rate than it is coming in. This is often the first step of water restoration and storm restoration since you need a dry home to work off from. For the flood pump to be effective, ensure you have enough fuel to ensure the home restoration process does not stop once it starts.

Wind damage

The storm restoration process may be hampered by wind damage. There is likely to be debris that is carried by the currents and this only adds to the extent of the hurricane damage. Some of the items that cause wind damage include tree branches, electric poles and other fixtures, and garden furniture. While you can take steps to secure what is around your home, some others may be blown from far away. The hail damage can also be exacerbated by the wind. The hail damage can occur when there are weak spots in the house. This can be the roof or the windows and doors. Ensure that you have fortified these areas by boarding them up with plywood. This limits the extent of both wind damage and hail damage.

Ice damage

Hail damage can be accompanied by ice damage. This might result in frozen pipes and ice dam. With frozen pipes, it means that your water supply is essentially cut off. Ice damming can encase some of your furniture and appliances while making some areas inaccessible. Before starting on water restoration ensure that all the ice damming is removed. You should leave the work of repairing the frozen pipes and removing the ice damming to professionals to avoid further damage. Do not use heat for the ice dam or frozen pipes.
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How a Restoration Company Helps with Water Damage

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How a Restoration Company Helps with Water Damage

A restoration company should be the first call when there is any level of water damage. Even before flood damage has been completely identified, a call to restoration professionals will make it easier to deal with water in a home or business.

Mitigation is part of the process that many people forget about. However, it is mitigation that will help to get the flooded home or business under control Any time the water in a home or water in a business can be minimized, it should. Of course, if the water flow is as a result of a pipe break or supply line break, it's important to get the water supply turned off first.

Identify the Problems

A restoration company will be able to identify the problem. This could be identifying where the pipe break or supply line break is. It could also be identifying how the water is getting into a flooded home.

Any time there is water in a home or water in a business, it has to be identified where the water is coming in. Only once the problem is truly addressed can the water cleanup begin.

Start the Water Cleanup

The average home or business owner has no idea where to start when there is a flooded home or business. The only thought is that the water in a home or water in a business needs to get out. Professionals in restoration will have equipment designed to pump water out by the gallon. They will also have drying methods that will help with drying drywall, flooring, furniture, and other things inside of the building.

The water cleanup is part of the mitigation. Without the mitigation, the water will continue to seep into various parts of the home or business. If there is water in a business or anywhere else as a result of a supply line break, pipe break, or anything else, the goal is to get rid of the flood damage to reduce the likelihood of mold growing.

Identify the Loss

Water damage is inevitable. Even if the water cleanup happened immediately, the flood damage is going to leave some things completely damaged. This means that the restoration company will be able to start drying everything. If things don't benefit from drying, they can discard those items and document them. From there, it will be easier to create a restoration plan to build or replace everything else.

A flooded home or business will lose some things. The good news is that insurance will cover many claims, including those of a pipe break or supply line break. The restoration company will help with the claim and deal directly with the insurance company if it is an option.

Any kind of flood damage should be documented, especially if it is business inventory.

Complete the Restoration

Water damage professionals will also be able to complete the entire restoration. They will make it look like there was never any water damage because of getting rid of anything waterlogged and drying what could be saved. They will also be able to rebuild pillars, countertops, and cabinets. They will be able to install new flooring, patch drywall, and handle everything else that needs to be done.

Restoring a property after there has been water damage is of the utmost importance. It will save the integrity of the building and allow life to continue. Whether it was a home or a business, a restoration company can step in right away to get started on dealing with the water and identifying the level of damage.
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What Happens After Commercial or Residential Fires

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What Happens After Commercial or Residential Fires

Whether it is a fire in a home or fire in a business, the experience can be horrific and damaging. Fire is matter converting to energy after all, so the fire damage from an inferno unleashed on an establishment can be very extensive. Not only do the flames cause damage, soot damage and smoke damage can have just as heavy an effect on a structure and the possessions contained within. Fire damage restoration and fire cleanup can be hazardous and time consuming, further exacerbating the problem. Even a minor fire in a home can leave smoke smell and soot damage throughout the house, degrading the resale value. A fire in a business can result in that same smoke smell, soot damage, and smoke damage driving away customers. Therefore, it is best to leave fire cleanup and fire damage restoration to the professionals of a restoration company.

The first step in any fire cleanup and fire damage restoration is to identify the extent of the damage. A restoration company typically sends in an inspector to assess soot damage, smoke damage including smoke smell and fire damage caused by the incident. From there, the restoration company knows exactly what the fire cleanup and follow on fire damage restoration will entail.

Once the extent of the damage is known, the restoration company will often provide board up or tarp up services. Board up and tarp up services are often required because fire damage to windows and doors frequently cause them to warp. The warping in addition to the heat on the glass causes windows and glass panes in doors to shatter leaving the home or business exposed to the elements. Additionally, fire departments frequently need to use alternate means to enter premises when there is a fire in a home or fire in a business. Ergo, fire damage is not the only damage caused when a fire breaks out. Board up and tarp up services prevent additional secondary damage from the openings left by broken windows and doors.

Once the board up is complete, professionals will move on to dealing with the water damage caused by efforts to put out the flames. In the case of a fire in a business, the commercial fire damage can be quite extensive depending on the size of the building, but the water damage caused by fire fighters quenching the flames can further exacerbate the issue to areas unaffected by the fire. Water damage is a problem unto itself, and is another common reason businesses and homeowners alike turn to professional restoration companies to deal with commercial fire damage and fire damage in a home.

With the board up finished and all the water removed, professionals will begin cleaning the smoke damage and soot damage away. A large part of smoke damage is removing the smoke smell, which leaves difficult odors in rooms. Commercial fire damage from a fire in a business can leave behind particularly difficult soot and smoke damage depending upon the type of business. Restoration companies typically remove all stains left by smoke and soot residue off of all surfaces, then take steps to remediate the smoke smell.

The next step in restoration from commercial fire damage or a fire in a home is cleaning and repair of damage to the structure. Fire consumes and can do significant damage to a structure. A restoration company will ensure that windows and doors are repaired or replaced as necessary, holes in walls are patched and other structural issues are addressed. This is particularly important step for both businesses and homes as structurally unsound buildings are extremely hazardous to occupants and can result in businesses being closed and homes getting condemned.

The final step in fire restoration is the restoration of the business or home to its pre-fire state. All businesses and homeowners want their establishment to be welcoming and inviting, just as it was prior to the fire. Ergo, the final step is to replace furnishings, repainting damaged or replaced structural sections and renewing or replacing flooring. Once the restoration company finishes the final restoration step, the business or homeowner has their establishment back, much nearer to the condition it was in prior to the catastrophic fire.
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Mold Remediation By Pro Is Way To Go

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Mold Remediation By Pro Is Way To Go

Many people are aware mold can originate from tossing wet or damp clothes into the laundry basket. Clothes mildew quickly if let in that state. The smelly odor can lead you to toss those clothes into the trash. It just doesn't seem feasible to return the clothes back to their normal state. You might see what appears to be black mold or fungus on the clothes.

That's because mold thrives in places with excess water, dampness or moisture. It's not just clothes in the laundry basket. Mold spores can accumulate any single place where there is high humidity or excess moisture. Flood water invading a basement can cause mold for the same reason. A leaky pipe could cause mold because of the water associated with it. A bad air conditioner could also spell problems. A roof leaking inside the house could also lead to mold damage and mold growth. Many people wonder how mold has infected their dwelling.

The reality is that mold damage occurs whenever humidity, dampness or excessive moisture are present. Mold in home or commercial mold damage are strong possibilities because of rain, faulty machinery and other variables. What does it lead to?
Mold damage leads to several conditions. People might first be aware of the fungus and mildew. They might just notice the smelly odor. Mold growth behind wall is typically hidden neatly so perhaps the smell is the first true sign mold damage exists.

It's a problem many home and business owners have to deal with. The first instinct might be to go on the internet to find "do it yourself videos" to resolve the issue. The big issue with that is the person who chooses that route rarely finds the source of the problem. They also rarely completely remove, sanitize and provide proper deodorization of the mold. Deodorization takes place when professional grade equipment completely removes the smelly odor associated with mold. Rarely does the general public have deodorization techniques comparable to what a restoration company has available.

A restoration company also has mold removal techniques specified by the individual mold. They can analyze the mold to see what method works best. They can then provide complete remediation. Remediation is simply the thorough removal of the mold. Remediation also involves sanitizing and finding the source. A restoration company can eradicate the source so that mold doesn't need to be removed on a constant basis. Nobody wants to wake up to see fungus or mildew in their home or business. Mold in home and commercial mold damage have different consequences.

Mold in home can push the owner to seek different shelter because of the mildew, fungus and smelly odor. The home owner can waste an infinite amount of money on hotels or different accommodations while trying to fix the problem. Nothing can be more frustrating for a mold in home victim than mold growth behind wall. Mold growth behind wall is unseen but still provides a distinct yet awful aroma. A home owner may be tempted to scratch and claw at the wall to find what seems like a dead animal rotting on the interior. The most likely scenario might be mold growth behind wall. The smelly odor is hidden but available for every nose in the vicinity.

That smell can drive a home owner nuts. The best step is to call a professional to investigate what's happening behind the wall. Restoration companies have professional grade equipment and can find the source of the issue. The mold growth could have already spread if the smell is horrific. Mold removal is essential in that case.

What happens when the mold growth is spreading? This could bring up many issues. One of the biggest issues is dry rot. Dry rot is a concern for many home owners because of the impending impact. Mold could spread and eventually decay the wood that supports the foundation of the home. Since many homes are built with wood, mold could eventually grow and compromise the wood that keeps the home in great shape. That decay could eventually lead to a complete reconstruct of the dwelling. Dry rot is a frightening proposition if left to escalate without professional mold removal.

This seems like a giant issue compared to the black mold you see on your tub in your bathroom. Black mold is another issue that seems trivial but could be a recurring issue if left untreated. Black mold occurs in places where high humidity occurs. Every one of us takes a warm shower. If we close the door, the humidity gathers and eventually that has repercussions. Black mold could appear on the shower or tub if your bathroom isn't properly ventilated. Some nice tips to prevent mold include opening the door after showers or during showers when possible. Fans or open windows are also a possibility to prevent mold. Proper ventilation is key to preventing the mold. However, that doesn't help much if the mold is already wreaking havoc.

Mitigation of mold is an essential ingredient for a healthy home. Commercial mold damage also calls for mitigation. Mitigation is simply the lessening of the damage so everything is back to the original state. Mold removal by a restoration company should involve deodorization so the aroma returns to normal. Dry rot is a major concern that shouldn't be overlooked. The potential for mold growth and wood decay could have horrible financial consequences for home and business owners. Commercial mold damage could prevent customers from ever stepping foot into an establishment again. That's why remediation and mitigation are the top benefits from working with a restoration company in the event of mold growth.
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What Happens After A Structure Is Ravaged By Water Damage

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What Happens After A Structure Is Ravaged By Water Damage

The occurrence of water in a home or water in a business can be devastating, and leave an extensive amount of flood damage. One of the worst things a person can do is try to fix a supply line break or pipe break on their own. Fortunately, water mitigation companies can help by providing expert water cleanup and drying, which can help restore the structure to its original condition. Water damage can be stressful, but a restoration company can make quick work of any serious issues. Here is what an individual can expect during flood damage cleanup.

Initial Evaluation

The first step of tackling water in a home or water in a business is to determine the extent of the water damage. A professional restoration company will be able to identify how far the moisture has spread, and determine if any potential damage exists behind walls or under flooring. They will also be able to test for the presence of mold, which is one of the most common side effects of flood damage. Once the restoration company has determined how much water damage exists, they will then be able to prepare a recovery plan.

Drying and Mitigation Process

The first step is to ensure complete drying of the structure. Failing to completely dry a space during water cleanup of a flooded home can lead to mold and mildew lurking in unseen areas. A mitigation company will need to remove walls and flooring so they can better determine the extent of the flood damage and thoroughly dry any leaks caused by a pipe break or supply line break. Most companies use a combination of heaters and professional dehumidifiers to complete the drying progress, and it will usually take up to 4 days to fully eradicate any water in a home or water in a business. Though it is the longest part of the restoration process, it is the most important, as not fully drying the space can lead to foul odors and future flood damage issues.

Structure Restoration

Once the mitigation of moisture is complete, the next step is to begin rebuilding the structure that was damaged by the pipe break or supply line break. The restoration company will work with third party contractors to arrange for replacement of any drywall that was exposed to water damage, and either clean or replace any flooring that has been the victim of flood damage. Once the walls and floors have been cleaned or replaced, the restoration company will then restore any other items that were present in the flooded home when the water damage took place.

Final Evaluation

After the water cleanup and restoration has been completed, the company will then retest the area for moisture to ensure that all of the water in a home or water in a business has been completely removed. This will help prevent future issues and provide the owner of the structure that was affected with peace of mind. Most restoration companies will provide the owner of the building with a certificate that certifies it as being safe for occupancy.

Don't let a supply line break or pipe break become more complicated than necessary. A water cleanup company can help restore a flooded home or commercial building and have it safe for use in no time. Contact a water removal company and learn more about the technology they use that can have any flooded home or business restored as quickly as possible. Many offer 24-hour service and can be on site the moment disaster strikes. Don't go it alone, when a licensed professional can be there to provide support and provide immediate relief from the effects of water damage.
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The Tricks and Tips of Professional Fire Damage Restoration

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The Tricks and Tips of Professional Fire Damage Restoration

After fire damage, you realize that you need different contractors during the restoration project. Fires can destroy everything in your home. Also, the items that do not catch fire might be a risk of smoke damage. Smoke can discolor your furniture, walls, tiles, or ceramics. In addition, the fire in business premises brings a lot of toxins in your home. As such, fire damage restoration involves taking some steps to curb the smoke damage as well. Having several contractors working on various areas can help you to expedite the restoration project. For example, you might need to hire a flooring expert, roofing consultant, carpenter, painter, and plumber. After renovating our home, you have to redo the wiring. If the fire was a result of an electrical fault, you have to undertake a complete overhaul in the wiring. These consultants will escalate the restoration project and prevent the hazards that result from fire in business premises. Besides fire damage, you might have to deal with water damage. In most cases, the firefighters will use water to extinguish the fire. If you have a wooden floor, it might begin to rot if you do not remove the water as soon as possible.

Hire a reputable restoration company for your board up and fire cleanup

Take advantage of our emergency board up and commercial fire damage services as you deal with any incidents of fire in business premises. Board up services include roof and wall repair in the case of commercial fire damage or risks of fire in home floors. A restoration company that has the equipment to undertake the board up services can help you to recover from soot damage, smoke damage, as well as to eliminate the smoke smell through deodorization.

Fire cleanup

Fire cleanup involves removing the debris that remains after fire damage. In the case of a fire in home or any other property, it is vital to engage a reputable restoration company. Commercial fire damage might cost a fortune to repair depending on the extent of the damage. After estimating the cost of repairing the fire damage and getting rid of the smoke smell, an insurance company can help you to undertake the key activities during fire damage restoration. These activities include fire cleanup, smoke damage restoration, and soot damage restoration. Fire cleanup entails scrubbing the walls to eliminate any evidence of soot damage, smoke damage, or any other effects of fire in home walls.

Fire damage restoration

You will realize that some areas will suffer extensive smoke damage. Avoid painting over the soot and remove it by scrubbing the walls thoroughly. A home inspector can estimate the degree of the damage and decide what you can salvage. Before you start replacing the drywall, you should also undertake a thorough structural inspection. Inspecting the integrity of the structure after commercial fire damage is vital when it comes to preventing the accidents that could result from a weak structure. Be sure to inspect the foundation, beams, and columns. It is vital to contact such a professional restoration company as soon as possible to handle the smoke smell, and any effects of fire in home floors.

Fires cause both physical and emotional damage since you can never predict their occurrences. Fortunately, you might get some help from the insurance company if you have insured your home against soot damage. However, the insurance company will require that you take some steps to prevent fire damage by installing some fire-resistant materials or inspecting your wiring system. If you hire a contractor to estimate the cost of smoke smell renovation, you can present a formidable quotation to your insurance company to address the issues of fire in business materials. However, you can undertake the renovation job and apply for compensation from your insurer since most insurance companies will take some time to respond. As time elapses, the damage could become more difficult to address, meaning that the commercial fire damage restoration might charge a hefty price.
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Questions To Ask When Choosing Right Mold Removal Company

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Questions To Ask When Choosing Right Mold Removal Company

Mold growth can greatly affect the value and integrity of your home or commercial building. In order to salvage your home or commercial building after mold damage, you ought to initiate black mold growth removal procedures immediately to curb the problem from escalating. Here are some of the important questions that you should ask potential mold mitigation professionals before you sign any contract for a mold removal project that will remove the smelly odor:

What is your mold testing technology?

A commercial mold damage removal company with experience in deodorization and getting rid of the smelly odor will conduct an extensive evaluation in testing the air samples from the home or commercial building. Treating residential radon is not an easy task that can be conducted by any mold restoration company. The mold removal company should be able to use advanced technology in removing the mold growth behind wall, mildew, and fungus so that the problem is fully treated right the first time to avoid regrowth. The commercial mold damage removal company should conduct a comprehensive physical sweep and take physical samples of the dry rot or mold growth behind walls before starting the mitigation process.

What are your accreditations?

The commercial mold damage remediation company that you hire to remove the black mold growth behind the wall, dry rot, and fungus from your home or building should be licensed and insured to provide such services in your locality. Check with the Better Business Bureau to make certain that the commercial mold damage removal company doesn't have existing complaints filed by previous clients. Make sure the accreditation from the American Council for Accredited Certification is also up to date. Consider mold in home remediation companies that are working closely with organizations like the EPA as well so as to get good value for your money and eliminate chances of hiring fake mold removal companies that are probably not reputable.

How many years of experience do you have?

Choose a mold remediation company that has several years of experience in tackling environmental concerns such as removing fungus, mildew, mold growth behind the wall, and dry rot from commercial and residential buildings. The professionals from the mold in home mitigation company should have experience in conducting deodorization projects and removing fungus, mildew, and dry rot from buildings that have been attacked by water damage disasters. Avoid companies that only spray toxins on the fungus, mildew, dry rot, and smelly odor to solve a mold damage problem because that can hazardous to the environment.

How do you contain treatment sites?

A reputable deodorization and mold in home restoration company will use specialized protective gear to contain the mold remediation treatment to avoid potential cross-contamination. The mold in home deodorization process shouldn't expose the occupants and neighbors. If the black mold and mold growth behind the wall is not properly handled by following the industry standards, it can cause even further damage to the surrounding environment. Besides deodorization processes, the black mold removal company should advise on how to reduce the migration of the mold and smelly odor by turning on the air conditioner to aerate your indoors and avoid dampness.

How long will it take?

Even a mold damage restoration company for removing black mold, fungus, mildew, and dry rot that is providing services on an hourly basis should give you an estimate of how long it will take to restore the property. For estimation purposes, you should agree on a reasonable quote for removing the black mold and mildew from your home. Avoid black mold and deodorization professionals who offer quotes before they assess the severity of the mold growth problem. An experienced expert should visit the site and inspect everything including the mold growth behind wall and black mold growth in hidden corners before giving a price estimate.
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How Water Damage Restoration Works

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How Water Damage Restoration Works

It is a devastating experience when your home or business floods. It can be very frustrating when you are faced with having to clean up the mess, or seeing all of your valuable belongings ruined.

Water damage is a difficult issue that most property owners and businesses have to deal with. When water in home or water in business occurs, the resulting damage can be tremendous. Water or flood damage can cause a huge amount of money in repairs and restoration costs.

The first thing you should do if water damage occurs in your home or business is call in a professional flood damage team to help. Flood damage is much easier to handle if you have help from a knowledgeable mitigation professional, doing the clean up tasks. This helps ensure that no further damage is sustained and provides you access to the expert tips and techniques the professionals use to restore things after flooding.

In a water in home or water in business situation, belongings such as appliances, upholstery, electronics, wood furniture, and plumbing equipment get damaged. Water damage also disrupts normal activities, which can result in losses for a business. Hiring a mitigation company can make the restoration process easier to deal with, as these companies have trained and qualified professionals who are knowledgeable about the best ways to perform water cleanup, drying and repair or replacement of damaged property.

Causes Of Water Damage

Water damage can be caused by clogged toilet, leaky dishwashers, leaky roof, broken pipes, broken dishwasher hoses, plumbing leaks, overflowing washing machines, and foundation cracks. These are some of the possible causes of water in home or water in business. Heavy rain, heavy snow, and floods are other possible causes of damage damage in homes and businesses. Once a home or commercial property sustains this type of damage, it is important to begin the mitigation process as soon as possible. Starting water cleanup quickly increases the likelihood of preventing further damage and saving water-soaked clothing, furniture, rugs, carpets, and other items.

The following are the steps followed by flood damage specialists or companies to clean up water in home or water in business.


A reliable restoration team will arrive quickly and start the evaluation process. Although a quick response is crucial to saving as much as possible, the professionals will first need to inspect the property and damage to determine the extent of the problem. They will analyze, plan, and ultimately start to restore your property to where it was prior to the water or flood incident.

Water Extraction

Professionals will get to work cleaning up the water and getting rid of moisture. They will take precaution and follow procedures in water cleanup, disinfecting and drying the affected areas. Restoration professionals have access to state of the art equipment and powerful tools, like truck-mounted pumps, to get rid of large quantities of water quickly. If parts of the building or property are underwater, water cleanup experts use various pumps and vacuums to get eliminate the moisture.


The drying process is where restoration experts spend most of their effort, and their technique involves the use of high-tech equipment such as commercial air movers, powerful dehumidifiers, and hot air injectors. These professional equipment are designed to get the job done efficiently and effectively. During the drying process, professionals monitor the concentration of moisture using special meters. It is essential that the area is properly dried in order to prevent moisture damage. Once the drying is completed, the professionals will disassemble the work area, perform a thorough clean up, and restore the property to its original state.


Water or flood damage can be devastating, and left unattended, or improperly handled, it can lead to major structural damage and costly repairs. Mitigation professionals are available and have the expertise and resources to get rid of water in home or water in business and ensure the problems is resolved appropriately.
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