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How to Handle Moldy Paintings and Artwork

9/27/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growing on wall. Mold cleaning is capable of saving the painting regardless of why you keep it.

Paintings are a staple of home decoration. When mold strikes your home, your paintings may become infested and risk mold damage if left alone. With proper mold cleaning, these cherished assets can be protected and treated.

Why Does Mold Loves Paintings?

Artwork is an ideal location for mold. It is often porous and is comprised of one the materials mold desires as a food source:

• Paper
• Wood
• Fiber textures like canvas
• Vinyl

If you have artwork susceptible to mold, it should be relocated away from water. This means it should be kept away from pipes, bathrooms, kitchens and sinks. If your home is too small or the painting is unable to be relocated, it should be inspected regularly for mold damage to treat the problem early.

Removing Mold Off Paintings

Great precaution is necessary with artwork and mold cleaning. The type of paint used should be evaluated initially. For example, oil paintings are durable but can be damaged by chemicals. Acrylic paintings can be damaged by moisture. Watercolors are extremely delicate and very sensitive to water.

As a typical mold remediation, surfaces like a frame, once removed, can be rubbed with a heavily diluted bleach solution and left to dry.

Light applications of a rubbing alcohol and water mixture can remove most mold from the actual artwork without the dangers of chemical cleaning agents like bleach. You should test this solution on a small location of the painting beforehand for potential damage to the artwork.

Experts Stand a Better Chance

As a warning, every painting is different and should be evaluated by a professional if you do not want to risk unnecessary damage. The expertise of a mold damage cleanup service in Cranston, RI, can be consulted for the best chance of painting preservation and recovery.

Treatment of the painting doesn’t have to be as expensive as a nice painting itself. Even if the painting isn’t expensive, it could be sentimental. Mold cleaning is capable of saving the painting regardless of why you keep it.

How to Deal with a Burst Pipe As a Property Owner

9/24/2021 (Permalink)

Water leaking on wooden floor Property owners typically do their best to protect not only their investments but their tenants.

How Do You Deal With A Burst Pipe?

As a property owner in Cranston, RI, you have responsibilities to your tenants, their safety being the primary one. While you may do everything that you can to ensure that they are protected, there are times where the unexpected happens, and you must act in their best interest. A broken pipe is one of these instances, and as a pipe burst cleanup can be extensive, there are specific steps that you will likely take.

1. Evacuate Tenants

The first step to ensure that your tenants remain safe is to evacuate any affected areas. Depending on the type of pipe that burst, the cleanup process may require the removal of tenant belongings, and it can require the replacement of several items. It is essential to go over the building insurance policy as well as any renters policies to understand your liabilities in this situation.

2. Mitigate Further Damage

Once you have ensured the safety of your tenants, you can begin the mitigation process, which merely means alleviating any further damage to your building. After a pipe burst, you should turn off the water supply, remove any excess water, and thoroughly dry out your building. During this time, you can remove any water-damaged materials, like carpeting, flooring, drywall, etc.

3. Call in a Restoration Company

As the pipe burst cleanup process can be arduous, you may find it necessary to call for the assistance of a sewer cleanup company or other restoration company to ensure the timely completion of any required renovations, allowing tenants to return to their homes or businesses as soon as possible.

Property owners typically do their best to protect not only their investments but their tenants, and, while a burst pipe is not always predictable, a building owner will want to move quickly through the pipe burst cleanup so that their tenants can return to normal. This is not just about doing good business, it’s about being a good landlord.

Storm vs. Pipe: How the Cleanup Process Differs

9/20/2021 (Permalink)

Black water. While all flooding requires drying and restoration, a flood in your home that came from contaminated water requires extra effort.

There are many ways your home in Cranston, RI, can flood. All flooding is not created equal, though. Depending on where the water comes from, it can be clean or filled with bacteria and microbes. The contamination level of the water dictates certain portions of the process remediation experts use to clean it.

Contamination Categories

One of the first things the mitigation technicians are going to want to know is how contaminated the floodwater in your home is. Before they start cleanup, they may test to see what category it falls under.

• Category 1 – Clean water from faucets and supply lines
• Category 2 – Dirty water from dishwashers, washing machines or toilet tanks
• Category 3 – Contaminated water from outdoor flooding or overflowing toilets

Water damage caused by a leaky faucet may require fewer steps and precautions. Flood damage that occurs as the result of a storm means that not only does the water have to be extracted but also your home must be sanitized.

Cleanup Process

When a flood results from a clean water source, drying out the area so that mold growth doesn't occur is the main goal of the cleanup process. If the water is infested with bacteria and microbes, however, the entire area that is affected must be sanitized before it is inhabitable again. Antimicrobial treatments are used to clean surfaces, and certain items can be sterilized using gamma irradiation. Industrial foggers or air purifiers may be needed to make sure that no contaminants remain in the air. Professional cleaning is necessary when you are dealing with Category 3 floodwater so that you don't accidentally spread the contamination through other parts of the house.

While all flooding requires drying and restoration, a flood in your home that came from contaminated water requires extra effort. Flood mitigation specialists have the knowledge and tools to clean up after a flood no matter how dirty the water may be.

4 Candle Alternatives for a Safer Home Environment

9/13/2021 (Permalink)

Smoke in black room. If the fragrance in candles bothers you, but you like the ambiance of a flickering light, a flameless wick candle is what you may be looking for.

Here Are Some Safer Options for Your Consideration

Candles have long been used to provide a certain ambience and welcome fragrance in many indoor spaces. However, many fire restoration professionals have been dispatched to homes facing damage after a candle fire got out of control. With the increased risk of house fires to your home in Lippitt, MA, candle alternatives prove to be a much safer choice. Here are some delightful, safer options for your consideration.

1. Reed oil diffusers
Natural reeds are placed in a small jar of fragrance oil and coax the fragrance out into your space slowly. Reed diffusers are aesthetically lovely and tend to last a good amount of time. Something to keep in mind is that the reeds themselves need to be changed every so often.

2. Essential oil diffusers
Essential oil diffusers administer droplets of oil into the air in a fine mist. Additionally, many people like essential oil diffusers due to the purported health benefits of some essential oils. Oil diffusers are often programmed with a soft, pleasant light that hearkens back to the understated light of a candle. If you're looking for both fragrance and light, these types of candle alternatives may be a good option for you.

3. Wax melters
These are often either battery operated or plug into an outlet. A small bulb is used to slowly heat a pad of wax, slowly releasing fragrance into the room. Like the essential oil diffusers, the bulb in a wax melter can emit soft light that makes the room feel cozier.

4. Flameless wick candles
If the fragrance in candles bothers you, but you like the ambiance of a flickering light, a flameless wick candle is what you may be looking for. These are often battery operated with a hidden switch. You can enjoy the look of a candle without the dangerous open flame or irritating fragrances.
There's much to recommend safer candle alternatives for your home. With these flameless options, you can enjoy the ambiance of a candle without any of the danger.

Properly Cleaning Up After Damage Caused by Smoke

9/6/2021 (Permalink)

Smoke and fire alarm. After a fire, a thorough smoke cleaning remains an essential step in returning to normal.

Different Ways Of Smoke Elimination

When we think of fire damage, we often consider the destruction caused directly by flames. However, a fire’s aftermath can also require extensive smoke cleaning. Critical to handling the problem is an understanding of the different forms of smoke elimination and which to apply under unique circumstances.

Types of Removal

Consider the many classes of cleaning that smoke damage may require.

Dry Cleaning, for handling light residue
Wet Cleaning, for heavier scenarios
Spray and Wipe, for areas where a wet cleaning would cause additional destruction
Foam Cleaning, for upholstery that shouldn’t become be dampened
Abrasive Cleaning, for surface areas that need intense scrubbing
Immersion Cleaning, for items that need to be soaked in special solvents

Before starting, know which type of washing or combination of smoke cleaning solutions you will need.

Proper Smoke Removal
Smoke can cause a terrible stench that needs to be removed. Properly handling smoke odor requires more than the average person’s knowledge of the matter.
Simply masking an offensive smell is a temporary solution. Instead, hire somebody who is certified in properly removing smells caused by soot. Only an expert can identify the exact source of the odor and have a thorough understanding of how smoke-related stenches can interact with distinct types of surfaces.
A thorough deodorizing requires specialized technicians who understand the various techniques that may be required. Air scrubbers, thermal foggers, and ozone generators are just some of the differing equipment classes one might need. Specific instances require distinct remedies, so it’s wise to know which solution to apply before taking action. Failure to do so could cause additional damage.

Your Smoke and Odor Removal
After a fire, a thorough smoke cleaning remains an essential step in returning to normal. Whether you’re in Cranston, MA, or any other part of the country, employ a professional who can reach your location promptly and handle your precise situation without worsening the devastation that’s already occurred.

Best Ways To Keep Mold out of Your Bathroom

8/11/2021 (Permalink)

Modern white bathroom perfect cleaned Keep the bathroom free from mold growth, is a priority, not a suggestion.

The Most Effective Ways To Prevent Mold In Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most commonly used rooms in your house. This place gets a lot of traffic and use, especially if you have a large family. It’s important to keep the bathroom free from mold growth, as this can lead to the need for expensive cleanup. Of course, mold is unsightly as well, and it can be embarrassing to have anywhere in your home. There are many ways mold can find its way into your bathroom, especially when you’ve had water damage. If you want to keep this problem at bay in your Cranston, RI, home, make sure you follow some basic guidelines.

Take Care of Leaks

What may seem like a small problem such as a dripping faucet or a slow leak can turn into a huge issue. One of the most effective measures of mold prevention is repairing plumbing problems in your toilet, sink or shower, or with any pipes. Don’t put this off another day.

Wash Your Towels Frequently

Make sure you keep your used towels out in the open instead of in cupboards. Damp towels need to air out. You also must wash your towels regularly to prevent mold growth. Make sure you also send your rugs to the laundry room.

Keep Your Shower Clear

While water damage is an obvious cause for concern, simple things like leaving shampoo bottles and wash cloths in your shower can attract mold. If you want to eliminate this problem from your Cranston, RI, home and bathroom, store your bathing items elsewhere and only bring them out when it’s time to shower.

Clean Regularly

You should be cleaning your bathroom as often as possible anyway, but it’s critical if you want to ward off mold.

• Spray your tub and shower with commercial cleaner
• Mop your floors
• Organize and wipe down cabinets and cupboards

Don’t let water damage and other problems bring mold to your bathroom. Use these methods to keep this room looking great.

Dangers of Flood Travel

7/29/2021 (Permalink)

Car rides in heavy rain on a flooded road Driving into a flooded street is a dangerous mistake that could result in the loss of life.

Often, it is advisable to shelter in place when heavy precipitation is predicted so you can respond quickly to any flood damage. However, when it comes to fleeing a flood in West Warwick, RI, timing is everything. When officials mandate that residents evacuate their homes, it is important to follow established evacuation routes to avoid driving on a flooded street.

Floodwater Facts

Seasonal flooding of rivers and coastal flooding from storms usually allows for enough notice to plan a response. Aptly named flash floods to come with little to no warning. Once a flood has become recognized, it is vital to stay off roads, streets, and highways. Flood restoration experts offer these warnings:

  • The majority of drowning deaths from floods are the result of motorists driving into floodwaters.
  • It takes only a foot of water to carry away a car, and two feet to carry away a truck or SUV.
  • Six inches of water on a flooded street can cause a loss of vehicle control or cause the engine to stall.
  • Moving water can tip or flip a vehicle, leaving only seconds or minutes to escape.
  • Flooded roads can hide hazards such as road or bridge washouts and large debris.
  • A foot of water exerts a quarter ton of lateral force on a vehicle.
  • Depth and speed of water cannot be reliably determined on flooded roads.
  • Once a vehicle is stranded by floodwater, escape or rescue becomes more dangerous.

Good Decision-Making

Surviving a flood depends on sound decisions. Travel tips that make sense in an emergency include remaining aware of forecasted weather and leaving your home or workplace well in advance of any dangerous road conditions that may develop.

Driving into a flooded street is a mistake that could needlessly cost lives. If you are caught on the road and see water ahead of you, heed the wise advice from the National Weather Service’s billboards: “turn around, don’t drown.”

Four Tips for Proper Ceiling Tile Maintenance

7/20/2021 (Permalink)

Hand pointing to mold growth on ceiling Mold growth on ceiling in Oaklawn, RI.

How To Avoid Tile Mold 

In any given commercial building in Oaklawn, RI, you're likely to find low-maintenance, long-lasting ceiling tiles. Unfortunately, the qualities that make them so valuable in commercial properties also leaves them open to the risk of being forgotten. The tiles may be low-maintenance, but this doesn't mean they don't need some maintenance. Take a look at tips for providing the ceiling tile care necessary for avoiding tile mold and other problems.

1. Perform Visual Inspections

It's not too hard to complete a ceiling inspection and a little bit of time at the end of the day could help you recognize water damage before it spreads. Any tile discoloration should prompt you to take action. That damage may be the result of leaking water, ultraviolet lighting, and aging. Whatever the cause of the color change, it could also affect fire ratings and acoustic values.

2. Clean Ceiling Tiles

A quick test will tell you if there's a need for this maintenance step. Use a damp cloth with a bit of cleanser to wipe off a tile. Non-absorbing tiles often hold a lot of dirt, but porous tiles hold even more. Routine cleaning can be done with a soft broom, but if you find tile mold, you'll need to use a commercial cleaner or hire a professional.

3. Replace Damaged Tiles

Any broken or discolored tiles should be replaced regularly. This will lead to improvements in the appearance of your building and could also bring you back into local compliance regulations. Some businesses rely on the performance of ceiling tiles to ensure proper acoustical effects.

4. Schedule Professional Visits

Even minor tile discoloration could signal trouble. A tiny leak that makes its way into your ceiling could lead to much larger, more expensive problems. Professional inspections should be part of building maintenance routines in Oaklawn, RI. This is especially true if you've begun to notice an increase in tile mold, damage, or discoloration.

How To Keep Your Home Fire-Safe When You’re a Smoker

7/1/2021 (Permalink)

Man smoking outside a balcony Smoke outdoors

Smoking Habits

Smoking is a habit that thousands strive to kick each and every year for their own health and the health of their family and friends. However, cigarettes, cigars and other types of smoke-issuing tobacco products also have a huge impact on home fire safety, something many homeowners never realize until it’s too late. Unsafe use of cigarettes

  • Is the leading cause of residential fires worldwide
  • Annually causes around $7 billion of property damage in the US alone
  • Is one of the biggest contributing factors to wildfires

Fortunately, even if you’re a smoker in Meshanticut, RI, there are still a few simple measures you can take to prevent your home from becoming a cigarette fire statistic.

Smoke Outdoors

A cigarette fire most commonly takes hold in furniture, rugs, carpets and other flammable household belongings. Smoking in outdoor spaces means fewer chances for cinders to spread into blazes and reduces the likelihood that you’ll be paying for fire cleanup services later on. Furthermore, smoking outdoors means you won’t need to worry about smoke removal and deodorization before moving.

Keep Ashtrays at a Distance

Even when you’re smoking outdoors, try not to keep your ashtrays too close to the house. The ashes and cinders that these dishes collect may not always be entirely dead, and they could reignite with the right conditions. An ashtray fire that’s not caught early enough can cause just as much damage as any other fire.

Consider Alternatives

Finally, if you’re not ready to give up nicotine but you’re worried about your habit’s impact on your home, consider using alternative smokeless products. For example, e-cigarettes (or vapes) have emerged in recent years as a cleaner, less dangerous way to indulge in a nicotine fix without the risk of smoke and hot ashes.

Reducing the likelihood of a cigarette fire occurring on your watch. Taking each of these steps can help to make smoking a little safer on the home front.

3 Causes of Basement Floods

6/30/2021 (Permalink)

Completely flooded basement. It is visible line showing maximum water level higher than 7 feet. Flooded basement in Cranston, RI.

Here Are Some Problems To Watch For

The basement in your home in Cranston, RI, may be susceptible to flooding from various sources. Several issues from the foundation of your home all the way up to the gutters on the roof can cause a basement flood. 

Cracks in Home

Water can seep into your basement through any crack that allows it access. There are several areas that could be vulnerable or have weak spots:

  • Shifted or poorly laid foundation
  • Improperly sealed walls and floors
  • Drafty windows

If water has a way to get in, you are leaving yourself open to the possibility of a flooded basement. Make sure you get foundation repair if you notice cracks and that you re-caulk or re-seal any areas that need it.

Improper Drainage

Your basement flood could also be caused by improper drainage. If your gutters aren't cleaned regularly, they can become clogged and lead to flooding. Downspouts that point toward your house rather than away from it can cause water damage to your foundation and ultimately to your crawl space and basement. These floods are preventable with regular maintenance and care.

Sewer Issues

If the city's sewer backs up near your neighborhood, it's possible that sewer water can come back up through the pipes and into your basement. If this happens, you need to hire water remediation specialists not only to dry the area but also to clean it so that you know the microbes from the contaminated water have been eliminated. To prevent these nasty kinds of floods, it is a good idea to purchase devices that block whatever comes back through the pipes during a backup.

Sometimes a basement flood cannot be foreseen or prevented, but most of the time you can have measures in place to keep it from happening. With proper maintenance and emergency measures to thwart outside problems from becoming inside problems, you can protect your basement.