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Characteristics of an Expertise Fire Restoration Company

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

Three technicians, cleaning the ceiling of a commercial property, removing insulation from wall, cleaning baseboard Commercial restoration services in Cranston, RI.

Characteristics of a Professional Fire Restoration Firm

If your commercial property in Cranston, RI, has recently had a fire that caused extensive damage, you probably want to find the best fire damage restoration company to clean up and repair the damage. Not all companies are the same, so there are some characteristics to look for when looking for professionals who have years of expertise in the area.

Performs Fire Damage Restoration Services
Although many companies offer repair services, you want to look for restoration professionals who not only repair the damage but will also restore your commercial space. This means performing services such as:

  • Removal of any standing water left over from the firefighters' efforts
  • Smoke cleanup
  • Removal and prevention of dangerous contaminants
  • Rebuilding and painting of walls
  • Replacement of damaged cabinets and other structures
  • Replacement or cleaning of damaged carpets and rugs

Offers Emergency Services
A commercial fire can occur at any time of the day, any day of the week. You need to find a restoration company that offers emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Fire damage needs to be assessed and restored as quickly as possible, so being able to call at any time helps prevent further smoke or structural damage.

Cleans Up and Recovers What They Can
Before restoring your space, a good fire damage restoration company will thoroughly clean the area. The professionals will sift through the ashes and soot and determine what can be salvaged and what needs to be thrown away. They can also recommend which things need professional cleaning, and they may also be able to perform this for you. Seeing your space after a fire can be heartbreaking, but with the help of professionals, it can be cleaned up in no time.
When looking for restoration services in Cranston, RI, after a fire, it is important to know that some companies offer full services, while others just perform certain services. Look for a company that does it all.

How To Prevent a Burst Pipe During a Snow Storm

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

Pipe system covered with insulation To prevent a flooded building, hire a contractor to insulate your pipes.

Ways To Prevent a Burst Pipe

A snowstorm can cause water damage to a commercial building in Coventry, RI from differing sources. The freezing temperatures can cause burst pipes, ice dams, and roof leaks. Of these, burst pipes are the most common cause of water damage when temperatures reach below freezing. Some causes of a burst pipe include:

  1. Increased water pressure
  2. Frozen water inside of the pipes
  3. Old plumbing systems

Proper maintenance will prevent your pipes from suffering under the stress of freezing temperatures. Here are a few ways you can prevent a pipe burst.

1. Insulate Your Pipes
If your pipes are not insulated, the cold air from a snowstorm will cause the water inside of them to freeze. This increases the water pressure inside of the pipes, stressing them to the point of bursting. To prevent a flooded building, hire a contractor to insulate your pipes. Take care not to ignore outdoor pipes.

2. Relieve the Water Pressure
If frozen water develops inside of your pipes during a storm, you can relieve the pressure by opening your faucets to a drip. This will prevent the pressure from exceeding the recommended psi for your plumbing. If you are unable to insulate your pipes before a storm hits, you can always keep your faucets slightly open.

3. Allow Warm Air to Circulate Around Water Supply Lines
You can find water supply lines in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, and any other area where there are water fixtures. These are the pipes that provide water to sinks, washers, and toilets. To prevent frozen water supply lines, allow warmer air to circulate around them. Crank up the heat in your building and open any cabinet doors concealing water supply lines.
You can prevent water damage from a snowstorm by keeping your pipes safe from colder temperatures. If you have experienced water damage from a storm, contact a storm damage restoration service to help with cleanup and repairs.

4 Things To Know About a Mold Cleanup

4/14/2022 (Permalink)

Black mold growth on drywall Mold growth in West Warwick, RI.

Mold Removal

A fungus cleanup in your commercial building is tricky for several reasons. It requires a higher level of expertise than just an ordinary cleaning due to some of the peculiar characteristics of mold. An inadequate mold removal might not take care of the problem, allowing the quickly-spreading fungus to return in only a few days. Proper cleaning methods, however, will rid your property of the unpleasant smells and harmful effects of mold.

1. Do Not Use Bleach. This common household cleaner is good in many situations, but not necessarily when it comes to mold. That's because mold spreads roots into porous surfaces such as wood and drywall. A successful cleanup operation run by professionals uses proven antimicrobial and antifungal cleaners and disinfectants.

2. Hire Professionals. In many situations, a fungus cleanup requires the efforts of an experienced and trained mold mitigation franchise. Trained technicians will arrest the spread of mold, locate the reason for mold growth, kill and remove mold spores and restore damaged property. This is a job that demands advanced tools and techniques.

3. Locate the Water Source. If your company in West Warwick, RI, has a mold problem, more than likely excess water or humidity is the root cause. That is why a cleanup mold job often begins with finding a water source such as a prior flood or a broken water pipe. The moisture problem needs to be addressed or mold will return.

4. Think Like Mold. While this one is a bit of a joke, it is important to understand mold if you are going to conquer it. That's what mold technicians do. They study mold so they know its strengths and weaknesses. They also know that if left unchecked mold can do damage to property.
A fungus cleanup is no easy task but it can be handled with the right tools and techniques. It is often necessary to enlist the help of professionals.

What To Do After Wind Damages Your Building

4/6/2022 (Permalink)

Blue tarp on roof When your home has roof damage we can tarp the roof to minimize damage from the elements.

Ways To Secure Your Property After a Storm

One of the most important things you can do after wind damages your building in Coventry, RI, is to protect your property from further damage. Water can enter through a roof leak or broken window and cause more flooding inside. Here are ways to secure your property after the storm passes.

Use Caution When Entering

Wind and rain may have caused damage in ways you don't expect. Your best safety measure is to prepare for the unexpected. Be sure to:

  • Watch your step everywhere
  • Wear sturdy shoes
  • Use battery-powered light sources
  • Check for fire hazards like broken gas lines or flooded electrical circuits

Secure the Damaged Roof and Windows

If you have missing shingles or other roof damage, you can cover your roof with a tarp and plywood until a professional restoration company can help with cleanup. Clean away any debris or tree branches that have accumulated and inspect the roof for damage. Check attic spaces and ceilings for signs of a roof leak.

Any large holes can be covered with plywood. Choose a piece that is at least 1/2 inch thick and secure it with screws. Putting plywood over the large holes will prevent water from pooling in the area once it's covered with a tarp.
Secure any broken windows with plywood to protect your property from vandalism or further storm damage.

Apply the Tarp

You will need a tarp that extends at least 3 feet on all sides of the damaged area and enough to cover the roof peak. Covering the peak prevents water from running under the tarp. Secure the ends of the tarp with boards, wrapping the tarp around the boards and screwing them into the roof. Keep the tarp taught and snug as you work.
Securing your building and covering holes after a roof leak is the best way to prevent secondary damage after a wind storm in Coventry, RI.

3 Things Business Owners Should Expect During Mold Remediation

3/26/2022 (Permalink)

Mold Quarantine Mold remediation process in Cranston, RI.

Three Things To Expect During Mold Remediation

If your business in Cranston, RI, recently experienced water damage, the property could be hosting black mold. The spores thrive on moisture, reproducing quickly within one to two days. Leaky pipes, toilet overflows and lingering spills are just a few issues that trigger the dilemma, especially when they do not receive the appropriate restoration care. Towels and bleach aren't going to be enough to secure the area. Instead, owners must carefully tend to the moisture issue using the services of a water restoration company. The crew should implement the following three steps to clean up the trouble.

1. Determine the Contamination Zone

Specialists thoroughly evaluate the building, creating a mold cleanup. The experts assess air quality and dampness, deciding how much of the structure has been harmed. The impacted sections are blocked off to prevent additional infestation. Doors and windows should remain closed. Place barriers and signs in the rooms to keep others out. Use negative air chambers to stop the spores from moving through the air conditioner.
When people, mostly the work crew, do enter, they should have protective gear such as goggles, gloves and boots. Microbes love to hitch rides, so these items assist in mitigating their movement.

2. Eliminate Moisture

Black mold thrives on dampness; therefore, handle lingering wetness immediately. Use wet vacuums to suck up puddles, and run dehumidifiers to draw out the excess humidity. Then, wipe the walls down and extract saturated materials such as carpeting and drywall. Microscopic fungus spores penetrate porous substances, so removing them is necessary to lower the count.

3. Sanitize the Space

The mold remediation crew washes the remaining fixtures with soap and water, drying them carefully. They then apply an antimicrobial spray to baseboards, walls and other nonporous structures. At this time, voice any requests about content cleaning services. Technicians have specialized equipment to salvage documents and electronics.
If you suspect black mold is growing, do not wait to seek action. Contact professionals to guide you through the remediation process. The team's meticulous procedures ensure that the establishment is cleaned and ready to resume business.

3 Ways Smoke Can Affect Your Building After a Fire

3/18/2022 (Permalink)

burned computer If you believe that any of your electronics have been affected, do not turn them on until they have been examined.

Smoke Cleaning After a Fire

If you experience a fire in your West Warwick, RI, building, it’s not only the flames that you need to be concerned about. In some cases, smoke can cause even more damage. The following are a few reasons that smoke cleaning should be performed as soon as possible after a fire.

1. Smoke Travels Further Than Flames

Even if the fire was small or contained to a specific area, there may be smoke damage beyond this point. Smoke travels through the air and carries soot and other contaminants as it does. Because of this, it is important to have smoke cleaning done throughout the building, whether the flames spread far or not.

2. It Can Cause Long-Term Damage

While fire damage is often obvious, smoke damage can be less so. Smoke and soot particles can find their way into small crevices where they can begin to cause problems for your belongings. This is especially true for electronics, as the acidic elements in the smoke can cause the metal and hardware to corrode. If you believe that your computers, televisions or equipment have been affected, do not turn them on until they have been examined to prevent making the damage worse.

3. Odor Can Be Difficult to Remove

It may be fairly easy to remove the visible signs of smoke and fire damage, but the smell can linger for long afterward. Smoke particles can become trapped in the walls, carpeting and porous items, so you should include these in the cleanup process as well. Smoke odor can be stubborn, but a fire restoration company will have professional equipment that should be able to remove it from the air and your belongings.
After a fire, it can be easy to focus on the damage that you can see, but you should be sure to pay attention to that which is less visible as well. Performing smoke cleaning is an important part of the restoration process and should be done thoroughly to return your building to its previous condition.

3 Steps To Take After an Incident Involving Sewage Backup

3/8/2022 (Permalink)

sewage water, wet floor Sewer damage in Cranston, RI.

After a Sewage Backup Incident, Follow These 3 Steps

Sewer damage like cracked sewer lines may result in a sewage backup. This can in turn lead to problems like a flooded toilet or floor. There are certain steps you should take if you encounter such difficulties.

1. Evacuate the Vulnerable

Sewage may be filled with toxic chemicals, pathogens, dangerous microbes, disease and other lethal substances. Certain groups are more susceptible to the risks associated with such materials. Those that fall under this umbrella include:

  • Elderly individuals
  • Children
  • Immune-compromised people

They need to be removed from the affected area as soon as possible and not allowed to return until proper sanitization has taken place. Even if the overflow is on a small scale, it is better to be safe and ask them to leave.

2. Contact the Appropriate People

You may need to consult a professional remediation company in Cranston, RI, depending on how widespread the issue is. It is essential to inform the sewage company of what is going on. If the cause is in the main public sewer system rather than within your commercial properties, they need to pinpoint the location of the sewer damage/source and fix it. You may also need to call your utility providers and have them shut off the water and electricity to stop the surging waste and minimize electrical threats respectively. You should also notify your insurance carrier of the situation and begin gathering evidence like photos for your claim.

3. Clean

Employing a professional is strongly advised, but there are measures you can take on your own. If there is standing water, it needs to be sucked up with a wet vacuum or pumped out. You should take any salvageable dry items somewhere else and throw out contaminated ones, along with saturated materials like carpet and insulation. All surfaces that came into contact with the fluids need to be scrubbed with hot water and disinfectants.
The negative consequences of sewer damage may cost you a great deal of time and money. It is a good idea to contact professionals if the extent of the mess is severe.

Bathroom Leak: Inspecting the Shower

2/22/2022 (Permalink)

Bathtub overflowing, clean water flooded a bathroom. Bathtub flooding.

Inspecting the Shower

A bathtub leak may not be immediately apparent because the problem is typically hidden in the walls, under flooring, or even beneath the subfloor. Therefore, if you suspect a leak because of an off smell, weak water pressure, or soft spots on your floor, then you may need to perform an inspection. While an inspection can be performed by yourself, a professional will typically yield better results because they have the acquired knowledge and skill set to perform such a task.

1. Stalactites in the Crawlspace

One of the significant indicators of a bathtub or shower pan leak is the appearance of stalactites in your crawlspace. A stalactite is similar in appearance to an icicle, but it is made up of mineral deposits. If you or a professional inspector look in the crawlspace below your bathroom tub and find these forms, then you likely have a leak.

2. Stains and Lose Tiles

Another indicator of a bathtub leak is stains or loose tiles. If you have noticed dark stains appearing on the base molding in your bathroom, or if you have seen that the tiles around your bathtub are loose or lifting, then you probably have a leak.

3. Cracks and Breaks

Another possible indicator of a tub leak is the appearance of horizontal cracks or breaks in the tile surrounding your tub and shower. While this is not a definitive sign, as it could be caused by settling, cracks in the tile surround should be inspected further.

A plumbing specialist in the Coventry, RI, area is typically better suited to perform inspections of your property. These individuals are likely certified and experienced, meaning that they are aware of how to conduct thorough inspections and resolve potential problems.

A bathtub leak often occurs over time, only providing hints of potential problems. If you suspect a leak, then hire a professional to perform a thorough inspection of your property and plumbing.

3 Facts for Homeowners Facing Storm Damage Cleanup

2/18/2022 (Permalink)

Two men demolishing the wall of a house with a hammer, there are two ladders and garbage on the floor. The aftermath of a storm can leave you with severe damage to your home.

What is Pretesting?

The aftermath of a West Warwick, RI, storm can leave you with severe damage to your home. Flooding is especially troublesome, as it can affect building materials, electrical systems and valuables. Gauging the total cost of repairs can be difficult, especially when it comes to filing a claim with your insurance company. Having storm damage and restoration service performs pretesting can lower the cost of your claim, and there are a few facts you can keep in mind that may help you better understand the process.

1. A Pretest Can Gauge Water Condition

Not all flooding is the same, and the condition of the water can greatly affect the cost of cleanup and your insurance claim. A pretest allows flood damage technicians to grade the quality of the floodwaters and estimate what will be involved in the restoration. For example, if the flood is the result of a burst kitchen pipe, the water comes from a sanitary source and will likely not cause as much damage as water that comes from an overflowing toilet or outdoor flooding.

2. Cost Estimations Can Be Made More Accurately

Pretesting damaged items can lower insurance claim costs by letting restoration technicians know whether clothing, documents and other objects can be repaired or if they must be declared a total loss. Detailed estimations can result in a more efficient filing process, which might help you recover faster.

3. You Can Learn All Your Restoration Options

A pretest of certain items can help you understand which restoration options are available, as well as the cost of each. Technicians from flood damage and remediation service could also forward this information to your insurance agent so you all remain on the same page as far as being able to lower the total cost of the claim.

When storms and flooding strike West Warwick, RI, you may be left with damage to your home and belongings. Pretesting can be one of the best options for evaluating affected items and helping you lower the amount on your insurance statement.

Don’t Let Water Damage Escalate

2/8/2022 (Permalink)

wet wooden floor A second-story water loss in this Cranston, RI home quickly led to water damage on the hardwood flooring.

Don't Let Water Damage Get Out of Hand

If a water problem in your home is not repaired and your place is not dried out within 48 hours, the growth of black mold and other microorganisms can naturally occur. How much growth and to what degree depends on the moisture level and the duration that the area is allowed to stay wet. The water activity determines what category of molds appear.

Secondary Damage

If you fail to act swiftly enough, water damage can escalate. The incident itself is considered primary damage. Secondary damage is moisture damage. It is not caused as a direct result of the incident.

Primary damage refers to wet carpet, drywall, furniture and other items coming in contact with the water. Secondary or moisture damage includes

  • Sagging and cracked sheetrock and plaster
  • Buckling of hardwood floors
  • Colonization of black mold spores


There are many causes of this type of damage. If the initial water damage is extensive or not cleaned up in a timely manner, you may start seeing these secondary effects. Sometimes the drying-out phase is not done properly. The dehumidifiers may not have been large enough for the area. Many times, the initial problem goes unnoticed or is missed until more extensive damage occurs.

Mold Remediation

Black mold infestation is a serious problem. Mold remediation can be expensive, so it is important to know the humidity levels in your home. Low humidity outside and high humidity inside can cause vapor to accumulate, creating an optimal environment for mold growth.

The damage done by water issues that are left unattended can cost you a lot of money in the long run. It can ruin furniture, flooring, ceilings and walls. Mitigating water damage is the key to preventing secondary harm. Failure to act in a timely fashion can lead to further problems. Hiring water mitigation professionals in Cranston, RI, can help get the job done correctly before it escalates.