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Professional Flood Damage Restoration

4/25/2017 (Permalink)

Professional Flood Damage Restoration

Water damage and flood damage can leave water in your home or water in your business that requires a professional in water damage restoration. Water cleanup begins with an inspection, goes on to extraction and drying techniques, and will leave you with no more water in your home. Here is how a standard mitigation should work if you hire a professional in water damage restoration.

Home Inspection

This process begins with an expert coming and inspecting the water in your home. If you have water in your business, it will follow the same script. Before they get to drying everything out, they will want to look at the flood damage and see that the water damage's source has been eliminated. There is no reason to go to the trouble of drying out your place if more water damage will likely occur. After they have made sure of that, they will prepare a water damage restoration plan and begin the process.

Extraction of Water

Mitigation begins with a process called water extraction. Using large pumps and powerful vacuums technicians remove the standing water. They will move your furniture or anything else that may get damaged before this. Water in business settings offers a problem for your customers, and these people hope to solve it as quickly as they can. This water cleanup process usually doesn't take all that long for smaller areas.


Drying is the next step of the mitigation of this problem. Natural air movement is often used if it is the right time of year while strong fans that direct air movement helps to get things moving faster. A dehumidifier is used to help remove excess moisture and tools are used to track the progress that is being made. This is one of the most important parts of mitigation that can leave mold if the water in your home or the water in your business is not taken care of properly.

Check Carpets

After the water damage has progressed past the water cleanup stage and the air movement techniques have dried everything out, a technician will check to see the extent of the flood damage to the carpets and the pad underneath. Water cleanup may not have been attempted quick enough to save it. They may try a little more air movement but usually if they get a sense that mold may form, they are going to replace your carpet.

The Cleaning Phase

Water damage restoration ends with workers returning all of your belonging to the house once the flood damage has been eliminated. They will leave your home looking and feeling new, or if you had water in your business, they would make sure that the area looks perfect. They will remove odors, sanitize, dispose of waste, and restore your area to what it once was.

Now that you know what to expect from a water damage restoration, let's hope that you never have to get one. If you do, it's as simple as them extracting the water, drying out the area, and cleaning it back up. Contact a professional today. Visit http://www.SERVPROcranston.com for more information on water damage.

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